Wednesday, 30 September 2009

PaperPlay Spot This

Just about got this week's done in time!

This week's challenge was set by Julie and is called "Spot This":

"Pretty self-explanatory really. I am a sucker for buying spotty paper (and stripy - but we won't go there!), then I don't use it up because I don't want to cut into it. So this week, I'd like everyone to make spotty things (using paper or indeed anything else spotty you wish).

Have fun (I, on the other hand, will be weeping with a pair of scissors over my lovely spotty darlings!!!)."

This is one of a heap of cards I'm making for one of the girls at work...

Tuesday, 15 September 2009

PaperPlay No Patterned Paper

This week's challenge was set by Kate.

"And this week's challenge is to use...

NO Patterned Paper

You are not allowed to use any patterned paper in your project. You may however (if you wish) make your own, out of card stock, for example, using whatever techniques you want ! You can use paint, you can emboss or stamp it's entirely up to you or you can just use different colours of plain cardstock if that's what you want!"

This was a quick and easy card I'd just made for our wedding anniversary.

Anniversary 2009